Only PM Modi can protect interests of Indian Christians, not Sonia: Tom Vadakkan

    Christian groups pledge support to PM Modi, BJP
    Tom Vadakkan, the former Congress leader has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party recently, has said, “Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can protect the interests of Indian Christians. Although there is an impression that the Indian National Congress is a party of Christians, it is not true.” He was speaking at a function organised by a group of Christian organisations at YMCA, Delhi, recently.
    Earlier, speaking to  Indus Scrolls, Vadakkan said, “Sonia Gandhi doesn’t want to hide her Christian identity. How can a person who is shying away from her Christian identity protect the interests of Christians?”
    According to Vadakkan, there is a perception that the BJP is an anti-minority party and it was deliberately spread by the Congress. On his joining the BJP, he said, “It was the call of the conscience. I was comfortable in Congress. But in the last six months, I was wondering what was my contribution towards my community.  I am an Indian first and a Christian, too. I am a proud Christian. I don’t hide that. I go to Church, do confessions and follow all the rituals connected with the Church. But there was something missing in the Indian National Congress which forced me to walk out of it.”
    Vadakkan said he had to face a lot of ostracisation because of his decision to quit the Congress and join the BJP. But he doesn’t care. “I tell them that they are victims of propaganda. The Indian National Congress ran a huge campaign against Bharatiya Janata Party saying that anything that they do is communal. This campaign has been running for years together. The net result was people believed this to be true. The Bharatiya Janata Party was up against the wall. But today we all Christians have moved out of that mode. We tell the world that the BJP is not a communal party; it is a national party which is working in the interests of the nation.”
    Vadakkan said his mission was to present the BJP in right perspective before the world.

    Dr. Roma Joseph who spoke at the event said Prime Minister Modi had done a lot for the development of the country. On RSS, she said, “It was not the Christians who went to RSS but they came to us. They were ready to listen to us. It is our turn to give back.”

    Adaphro Ariina said the BJP government undertook a great deal of development for the Northeastern region. She also called upon Christians to support the BJP in the general elections.



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