Nothing against minorities in Citizenship Amendment Act: Home Miniser Amit Shah

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, said that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is not religion based and whoever is not eligible to be included in it will be sent out of India. He also delinked the NRC with the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said that the latter is to provide citizenship for minorities of neighbouring countries.

The Home Minister made this remark while he was speaking at Agenda AajTak. He also reminded that no nation allows intruders to take citizenship without proper channels.

He asked, “Is there any country in the world where there is no register of its citizen, can anyone go to the US and just be their citizen?”

Amit Shah added that the NRC or the CAA will not hurt the Muslims who are Indian citizens.

He assured, “No Indian citizen need to worry at all, no one will be thrown out. We will make special provisions to ensure that no Indian citizen from minority communities is victimised in the NRC process. But we can’t leave the borders open as well. Countries are not run like that.”

Amit Shah reminded that intruders or illegal migrants eat away resources and opportunities mean for Hindus and also Muslims. He said firmly that no minority who is Indian citizen will be harmed by NRC but not one intruder will be spared.

On police action against the students of Jamia Millia University against the CAA, the Home Minister said, “But if there is stone pelting from inside the university and there are instances of arson, and even then the police do not act, then I think the police are not doing their duty. When protest becomes violent, it is important to control it.”