Mysuru: Protest against Rohini Sindhuri Commissioner’s office, JDS MLA alleges officer targeted his property

JDS MLA protested before the regional commissioner’s office demanding justice and action against former Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhuri who refuses to die down despite her transfer. He has allegedly reported high-handedness from the IAS officer as he blamed her of deliberately bringing his legal convention hall under encroachment list.

The MLA challenged the previous Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru, Rohini Sindhuri to prove his Sa Ra convention hall as an illegal building constructed on a stormwater drain. He sat on a dharna in front of the Regional Commissioner’s office, saying he will quit politics if he is proved wrong.

The MLA has sent a representation to Regional Commissioner and also to CM BS Yediyurappa and Chief Secretary.

The recent fallout between the MLA and the officer is due to an alleged phone conversation between the officer and a reporter in which the officer allegedly blames Sa Ra Mahesh and Mysuru Urban Development Authority Commissioner Rajeev as reasons for her transfer and reportedly alleged that MLA’s Sa Ra convention hall was built on a stormwater drain and also stated about elected representative and officials involvement in land scam.

It is said the conversation was private and was ‘off the record’ but now it has been made public. The officer reportedly confirmed the conversation and at the same time is standing by what she stated about the illegalities.