Muslims protest Mamata’s dole to Durga Puja committees

    On June 17 of 1757, Col. Robert Clive with his 3,000 soldiers defeated a mighty army of 50,000 soldiers, 40 cannons and 10 well-trained fighter elephants belonging to Nawab Sirajuddaula of Bengal because he bribed Nawab’s Commander-in-Chief Mir Jafar who led the terrible defeat.

    When Robert Clive led a victory procession on streets of Calcutta, 5 lakh Bengali Hindus lined both sides of streets and showered rose-petals on Clive’s army, then reduced to just 500 or so. It was because Bengalis were terribly oppressed by Nawab’s brutalities on Hindus.

    Irony is that five lakh Bengali Hindus united to shower rose-petals on Robert Clive and his army but one lakh Bengali Hindus could not/did not unite to slaughter Nawab Sirajuddaula and hang his dead corpse on a road-crossing of Calcutta, in a bid to get rid of anti-Hindu brutal rule of the Nawab.

    Which class of Hindu pacifism is this?

    Similarly in a democratic Bharata, Jyoti Basu of CPI(M) continued ruining Bengal for four decades and grateful Bengal continued voting him to power election after election. After being fed up of CPI(M)’s despotic rule, obsessed with regionalism and language fanaticism, Bengal voted another despot Mamata Banerjee to power. From one hell to yet another hell.

    Mamata Bannerjee allowed Muslims to have a free run over Hindus. Now Muslims are protesting in Hindusthan against grant of Durga-Puja dole to Hindus. So audacious. When you forget / ignore history, history continues visiting / re-visiting you because history is so narcissistic, it does not tolerate being ignored or forgotten.

    Are Bengali Hindus again going to shower rose-petals on Mamata Banerjee and her Imams? Do you believe Bengali Hindus deserve any sympathy? Those who cannot unite to defend themselves in spite of centuries of sectarian oppression in their own country, are destined to / born to suffer.

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