Left we are, Lynch we not 


Number one Number one
Number one State we are
Number one Number one
Number one State we are.

Watch we all, how things go
In those lands, less civilised
Who else can, cultured we
Number one State we are.

Lest we watch our own state
No wrong can take birth here
Sense you not, call of World
Number one State we are.

Be so proud, what Jong did
Kill those foes, chop off heads
Say O’ loud, ‘all for peace’
Left is right, rest is fake.

We do fly all way long
Una to Pune where we not
Akhlakh Vemula we stand by
Helping hands stretched we far.

Hearts so large hence we not
Reach out where Madhu was lynched
Our eyes sharp so deep far
See all faults happen there.

Despite lynching, chopping heads
Here all right, things go smooth
Loot and rape not so grave
Hue so loud why you cry?

Let we seek how North bleeds
Lest we look our own State
Trust us strong make all right
Thrust deep North, hear not wails



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