Leasing out international airport to Adani group a good decision, says G Vijayaraghavan, former member Kerala State Planning Board

Leasing out Thiruvananthapuram International Airport to Adani group by the Central government is a fine decision, said Former CEO of Technopark G Vijayaraghavan. He said there was no doubt that the private company would be able to attract more flights to Thiruvananthapuram.

Vijayaraghavan through a video message said that Thiruvananthapuram has had the highest user fees so far.

“This prevented planes from being attracted here. It also adversely affected the progress of the airport. Private operators need more aircraft if they want to make a profit.”

He pointed out that naturally they would try to bring in more planes and this would ultimately benefit the passengers. He also alleged that the state government does not seem to have the capacity to do this well.

Vijayaraghavan added that the airport was fully controlled by the government, apart from leasing to the Adani Group for 50 years. He added that all those who want the development of South Kerala will fully support this decision of the Central Government.