Kill homosexuals, say Saudi Islamic scholars

Is a Western malice; threat to humanity and morality

The videos of gay men being thrown from multi-storied buildings by Islamist terrorists in Islamic State territories have shocked the world. In several Islamic societies homosexuality is regarded as a sin punishable by death. They base this gruesome penalty on Prophet Muhammad’s prescription that gays “should be thrown from great heights and then stoned.”

Recently, several Islamic intellectuals in Saudi Arabia have argued for stricter measures including death penalty for “sexual perversion”. Several columnists in Al-Madina daily wanted the Saudi authorities to show no leniency on gays, because Islam prohibits this practice. According to them, though the West has tolerated it, homosexuality goes against nature and threatens to bring humanity to a level lower than that of animals.

They also praised the Catholic Church for condemning homosexuality, and one called on all religious organizations in the world, especially Islamic ones, to protect mankind from the “heresy” of homosexuality, which threatens it.

Muhammad Al-Baladi, a columnist for the Al-Madina daily, wrote: “Absolute freedom is absolute corruption. We must not be a society without constraints or boundaries, in which individual cravings are the first criterion [for defining] freedoms. The monotheistic religions are the last bastion of morality, which humanity must uphold in the face of the pressures that condemn [the opponents of homosexuality] as barbaric and oppressive reactionaries. Otherwise, the world will witness an even greater moral collapse, to the point of (legitimizing) incestuous marriage or marriage with animals!”

Brunei, a tiny Islamic country, has enacted a law which has provisions like death by stoning for people found guilty of gay sex or adultery.

In Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country, being gay is legal. However, in its province Aceh, where Sharia law is practiced, strict punishments are handed out to gays. There have been several attempts to outlaw gay sex in the country.