Kerala’s ‘collector bro’ Prasant IAS shares provocative Facebook post urging Dalits and working-class in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras to run riots on streets

In an incident that could be considered as a serious lapse from an IAS officer, a Kerala cadre IAS officer who is popular among Keralites as ‘Collector bro’ has ended up in controversy sharing a post that provokes Dalits and working-class in Uttar Pradesh to run riots on streets. The post in Malayalam in which the writer ‘wishes’ people to run riot was originally posted by Dr. Satheesh Kumar, while Prashant IAS claims that he just shared it.

“I dream of Dalits, poor and enslaved people leading a riot through the streets of UP,” says the post shared by Prashant IAS. The post was made soon after the girl who was reportedly gang-raped by a group of men in UP succumbed to death. However, the collector’s post was widely criticised by netizens who blamed the grave error of an IAS officer who is supposed to maintain law and order in a society sharing a call for a riot.

Soon after the post went viral, Prashant IAS came up with an explanation on the same saying only those who know Malayalam well can understand the original meaning of what he posted. The explanation also pointed out that he will take legal action against a man who made derogatory remarks on the comment box asking the collector if he was not the same person who tried to grab a girl who approached him for an autograph.

Meanwhile, Vinay Mynagappally, a Facebook user whom Prashant IAS accused of making derogatory comment said that he has decided to take legal steps against the IAS officer who tried to incite violence in the country by sharing a facebook post. He also says that it is the home ministry who has to decide if such an IAS officer who call for riots in the country still in service. He demanded that the union ministry has to take strict action against the IAS officer.

Prasanth Nair had earlier landed into a controversy when the district chief of Congress remarked that Nair was whiling time on the social media but not receiving the phone calls.