Kerala under COVID 19 community transmission threat; test positivity rate higher than national average

The health experts have expressed concern that the community transmission of COVID-19 in Kerala, which was experienced in only Thiruvananthapuram, is gradually expanding all over the state.

The test positivity rate in the state is higher than the national average.

Test positivity rate is calculated on the basis of how many people test positive when 100 people are tested. According to the current figures, this is higher than the national average in Kerala. With this, the medical experts pointed out the chances of community transmission across the state.

A total of 6,055 people contracted the disease from unidentified sources within 22 days in September. This was only 1,893 in the same period last month. There is an increase of 4,162 cases from unidentified sources in one month and 2,893 cases in one week. This indicates that community transmission takes place at many places in the state. The most intense condition is in Thiruvananthapuram.

The test positivity rate in India was 8.7 last week while this was 9.1 in Kerala. The state reached this level from 1.6 percent in June first week.

As the number of cases from unidentified sources increase, the restrictions on the basis of containment zones cannot be effective, the experts pointed out. They will submit recommendations in this regard to the government.