Kerala Police blocks ED team seeking explanation; returns humiliated

Kerala Police has sought an explanation from Enforcement Directorate on a complaint filed by the family of Bineesh Kodiyeri over the raid conducted at his residence. The email sent in this regard also pointed out that the ED officials refused to provide an explanation even after police personnel asked them directly.

A complaint was obtained at the Poojapura police station citing Bineesh Kodiyeri’s child, wife and her mother were illegally blocked at home by ED officials during the raid. After receiving the complaint, police informed the same to the ED team through a notice. Later, when ED officials returned after the raid, Poojapura CI blocked their vehicle and sought an explanation. But they refused to furnish one.

Following this, Poojapura police has now sent the email. The details of the officials who arrived for the raid have been sought. Also, it was demanded in the email that the officials should directly record their statements.

Meanwhile, Bineesh’s father-in-law has directly sent a complaint mail to ED Director Suryakumar Mishra in this regard. He stated in complaint that his grandchild, daughter and wife were forcefully locked up by ED officials. They showed a credit card claiming to be found from the house and asked daughter to sign it. When refused, they tortured her physically and mentally, he further said. He also added that he was forcefully sent out of the house at night.