Kerala Muslim MLA opposing vaccination campaign follows double standard!

While CPM-led LDF Government in Kerala finds it difficult to overpower the Islamic fundamentalists’ anti-Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign in the state, CPM’s Muslim MLA A M Ariff has stated on top of his voice that such campaign is not anti-national. CPM’s MLA from Aroor, Alappuzha district said in his constituency that he brought up his children sans the MR vaccine. Those who oppose should not worry about being blamed as anti-nationals. They should get an opportunity to explain their version. Arif said that on the one hand the government is campaigning for MR vaccine, and on the other, there is pressure to practise things that are not familiar. It has forced him to take a hypocritical stand in between!

CPM’s MLA A M Ariff

MLA’s statement comes close on heels of the government campaign for vaccine and stringent warning against those who oppose it. He admitted that government had made strict rules about Rubella vaccination and that all students should get it. He was part of such review meetings. He added that even though he fought for the rights of the people to reject vaccination, he had to toe the government’s line. He admitted it was his double standard!

Dr Shimna Azeez, a medical officer at Manjeri Medical College, Malappuram district, expressed her shock over the MLA’s speech, through her Facebook post. She penned: “MLA, how do you make such unscientific comments against the government? Have you studied the issue? Do you know about the dreadful diseases that can be prevented by MR vaccine? An elected representative should have some sense of responsibility and duty towards the society. You should help to create public awareness of science and medicine in the society”.

Dr Shimna asked Ariff if he was aware of the embarrassment caused to her and her colleagues in Malappuram. They were cursed and threatened at many places. Doctors and nurses were attacked brutally; nurse’s arm was twisted and broken. Parents vaccinated their children in front of live cameras. She reminded the MLA of the doctor in Malappuram district who vaccinated himself to convince the troublemakers. Doctor says, despite having an MLA like Ariff in the district, Alappuzha had crossed 95 percent vaccination.

Dr Shimna is a winner of the award, for excellence in social service for the year 2018, incepted by Kerala Government Medical Officers Association. It was for her outstanding contribution towards MR vaccination drive.

Here is a blatant evidence of the Muslim leaders’ double game despite being prominent leaders of the mainstream parties and peoples’ representatives. Recently Congress State Committee president M M Hassan expressed his opposition towards the Muthalaq Bill. They all point out that they are Muslims at the end of the day and the parties they work for are mere patronage they avail for the execution of their real agenda. In other words, secularism and progressive policies are all options, obviously for the majority communities! They are not applicable to the minorities. Yes, all are equal but some are more equal than others!


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