Kerala Government for not giving adequate security to Governor, lashes out K Surendran

BJP state general secretary, K. Surendran said that there is a conspiracy by the CPI(M) party behind the protests against the Governor and the subsequent lapse in security.

The BJP has blamed the state government for not providing adequate security to the Kerala Governor, Arif Mohammad Khan, when he was attending a seminar at Kannur University.

He said that if the state government cannot provide security then it must make that clear. The Governor was attending Indian History Congress when he faced protests from delegates and students.

When the Governor, Arif Mohammad Khan, touched upon the subject of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in response to earlier speakers talk about the issue protests began.

Students and delegates began shouting down the Governor so his speech would not be heard. To this the Governor said, “You have every right to protest. But you cannot shout me down.”

The police tried to arrest and remove the protesters from the venue but was blocked by CPI(M) leaders.

K. Surendran said that stopping the Governor’s speech is a fascist technique of the CPI(M) and that the Governor also has freedom of speech.