Kerala CPM state secretariat observes that there is no need of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan to resign

Photo: My Nation

CPM Kerala secretariat observed that Kodiyeri Balakrishnan does not have to resign from his position of party’s state secretary.

It is reported that Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told the party secretariat that neither he nor the party will have to intervene in his son’s issue. Kodiyeri also explained the details of the case Bineesh Kodiyeri is charged with.

He said that Bineesh will have to face the case himself as an individual. The investigation is going on. Kodiyeri also said that Bineesh should be punished if he is found guilty. He said that the party’s help is not required in the issue. This was accepted by the committee. However, Kodiyeri also added that Enforcement Directorate officers locking up Bineesh’s family for more than 24 hours was a violation of human rights.

The investigating agencies are showing double standards in the gold smuggling case and in the Life Mission case. The probe agencies are moving forward with the intention of keeping the government and CPM on the defense. Hence, the committee also decided to explain the situation to the public.

There is a clear intention behind the summoning of the Chief Minister’s additional private secretary. With this, they are targeting the Chief Minister and his office. CPM has decided to expose this and organise protests against the agencies.