Kerala Communist Party Leader Suspended for Visiting Temple

Thiruvananthapuram: A communist party leader in Kerala was suspended for his ‘alleged’ visit to a temple. PK Baby, the CPM secretary of the CPM Vellarada in the capital city Thiruvananthapuram, who went to the temple without obtaining permission from the leadership, is the one who is suspended from the party’s preliminary membership.

PK Baby, a local CPM leader was on a pilgrimage to the famed Kollur Mookambika Devi Temple in Mangalore with his friends when party member was in need of a letter from the local committee. Failing to see the secretary in the office when they enquired, they received the information that the leader is on a pilgrimage which irked the party leadership.

The CPM, an organization adhering to dialectical materialism, has been promoting rationalist and scientific thoughts. Though the party has been lenient towards the religious beliefs of supporters and fellow travellers, party members were advised to shun such beliefs.