Kerala appoints new committee to investigate Sprinklr contract

State government has appointed a new committee to investigate the controversial Sprinklr contract. The newly appointed three-member committee is led by retired High Court Judge K Sasidharan.

The government stated that the first committee did not examine many details and instructed the new committee to file the report within 2 months.

The time period of the first committee was extended several times. The Sprinklr contract was initially examined by a committee led by former IAS officer M Madhavan Nambiar. During this investigation, it was found that there were several lapses in the contract that was signed. The government is yet to publish this report. It is in this context that the government decided to appoint another committee.

The government stated that the new committee should look into the details that were overlooked by the earlier committee.

The newly appointed committee has been asked to investigate if there have been any lapses in the legal front or in the course of action of the Sprinklr contract. They have been asked to elaborate further on the report filed by Madhavan Nambiar committee and to examine if this contract can be justified under extraordinary circumstances.