Kartik Aaryan, Anushka join celebrities to raise voice against China’s Yulin dog meat festival

kartik aaryan

Although China has recently brought in a law to discourage dog meat consumption, the Yulin’s dog meat festival is underway from June 21.  Yulin is the city where this annual event takes place. Dog meat lovers from all over China visit this festival that lasts 10 days. In his Instagram account, Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan voiced his anger at the festival by posting his picture with his pets. He shared a screengrab of a news article and captioned the Instagram story as, “What will it take for them to learn?!” Aaryan also wrote: “Har saal Dil Todte hain yeh Yulin Festival waale 💔 #YulinKMKB #StopYulin”. Later he also shared the same picture on Instagram stories and wrote, “Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival. #YulinKMKB.”

Earlier, Alesha Dixon had protested against Yulin dog meat festival. ‘I am absolutely horrified by the Yulin festival.” Anushka Sharma also expressed her disgust at the festival on Instagram. Jeffery Beri, the founder of a rescue organization No Dogs Left Behind said it is “inhumane and barbaric”.

During the festival, dogs are paraded in cages and are taken to be slaughtered and cooked for consumption by festival participants. In China, dog meat is a delicacy and dog penis is high-value dish.