#Justice4Ankit: Outrage on social media but intolerance brigade silent

Beheading of twenty-three-year-old Ankit Saxsena, a photographer, by the family members of his Muslim girlfriend is hotly discussed in the social circles of Delhi. Ankit was killed when he was returning from his work.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested mother, father and uncle of the girl. However, her underage brother is on the run. “The motive behind the murder is clear as his purse and mobile were still on him. We have registered a case under Section 30 (punishment for murder). We are in the process of obtaining CCTV footage from the area, even as locals are being questioned,” said the police investigating the case.

But what annoys one is the silence of the ‘award-wapasi gang and intolerance brigade’ and other Left-liberal organizations. Although some so-called liberals have reacted to the incident, they had tempered their response with balancing comments. The incident has generated lot of heat on the Twitter and other social media platforms.