Jamia Asst Prof fails 15 non-Muslim students for pro-CAA views

The Jamia Milia Islamia Central University has suspended Dr Abrar Ahmad, one of the faculty members, for failing 15 non-Muslim students for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act. The university announced its decision through a tweet which said: “Dr Abrar Ahmad, Assistant Professor, tweeted in public domain as to failing 15 non-Muslim students in an exam. This is a serious misconduct inciting communal disharmony under CCS Conduct Rules. The university suspends him pending inquiry.”

Dr Ahmad is an Islamic radical and used to express his radical views openly. The information about the failing of non-Muslim students was tweeted by the radical faculty member. The tweet is now deleted after it became a controversy.

Ahmad’s tweet reads:

“All my students r passed except 15 non muslims, who ve to re-appear #CAA. If you protest #CAAProtests, I have 55 students in my favour #caasupport. Majority will teach U lesson if protest not ends #riot. Due to #corona your symbols of protest be erased. I wonder why they hate me?”

Meanwhile, there are many who believe Ahmad should be thrown out of the institution as such faculty members are a blot on the profession.




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