Islamist, Left groups target Tulsi Gabbard for Kashmir remarks

US Democratic presidential aspirant Tulsi Gabbard’s impartial assessment of Kashmir issue has not gone down well with pro-Pakistani elements and Left-liberal malcontents. A concerted effort is being done to project the sole Hindu senator as a ‘far-right Hindu radical’.

Some anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist media outlets mounted an attack on Gabbard for making a indirect reference of the issue of ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus by Pakistan-sponsored Islamic terrorists. About two thousand Hindu Kashmiris were killed, women were raped and about five lakh people were forced to leave their homes after terrorists targeted them. So far, the plight of Hindu Kashmiris was not part of the narrative built by Pakistan and Left-liberal elements in the country and abroad.

Commenting on the Kashmir issue, Gabbard said, “First of all, recognising that it is complex, it is not as clear-cut as this one side versus this one side. I think it is important as outsiders looking in to understand the complex history of Kashmir and what happened to the people there in the past and how many families were driven from their homes there and fled and have not been able to return home. How previous governments had policies in place that had made homosexuality illegal; that suppressed the voices of women.”

Further talking about her encounter with a Kashmiri woman, Gabbard said, “I met a woman a couple of days ago who said that she, as a Kashmiri woman, had no rights on property there in her homeland. So, these changes are things that happening in sovereign country.”

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