Islamic scholar says male circumcision reduces incidence of womb cancer

A Kerala-based Islamic preacher has said that there is high incidence of uterine cancer among Hindu and Christian women because their male sexual partners have not undergone circumcision.

In an audio clip, Mullurkara Muhammadali Saqafi claimed that “incidence of uterine cancer is very rare among Muslim women. The phenomenon was studied in detail. We purchase rice from the same ration shops as Hindus and Christians do; we drink the water supplied by the (state) water authority; we are living in the same panchayat …. Hindus, Muslims and Christians get light from the same sun… yet the number of cancer patients among Muslims is very negligible. They (scientists) did a lot of research; many experiments were carried out.”

According to Saqafi, the scientists found that “the semen ejaculated by Muslim men into the womb of their women is unadulterated and pure”. On the other hand, semen released by Hindu and Christian men will carry viruses and funguses, as they are not circumcised. This will later result in cancer.


Campaign against vaccination

A group of radicalized Muslim youths recently attacked a medical team which was involved in the Measles and Rubella vaccination drive in Malappuram district of Kerala. The gang, protesting against the government-sponsored vaccination drive, attacked nurse Shyamala Bhai while the programme was underway at the GLP school in Athipatta, Edavur. Protesters oppose the drive, saying it as a US-Modi-Jewish conspiracy to sterilize Muslim children. Media reports suggest in the Muslim-dominated district of Malappuram, about 40 per cent children are yet to be vaccinated. Health workers refuse to go to certain areas fearing violence, said a journalist.

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