Islamic cleric calls for hating non-Muslims


    New York-based hardline Islamic cleric Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer said under the Islamic doctrine of Al-Bara Wal-Wala (disavowal and loyalty) the Muslims should be loved and non-Muslims should be hated. He said the principle, as “explained by Ibn Al-Qayyim and many others… simply summed up as loving the Muslims and hating the non-Muslims… Buddhist, Hindu, this, that, so on and so forth.”

    In the transcription of the Youtube conversation appeared on MEMRI website, the cleric says “a Muslim cannot maintain a close relationship with infidels with whom he had been friends prior to accepting Islam and that Muslims cannot treat non-Muslim as friends. They may be treated with respect and friendliness in order to invite them to Islam,” he said, but only a pious Muslim is worthy of a close, trusting friendship.

    According to him, wearing soccer jerseys that have the names of non-Muslims or that contain symbols of something other than Islam, and that buying designer clothing might be supporting homosexuals or people who are bombing Muslims in Palestine is un-Islamic.


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