‘Intellectual jihad’ victim pens her ordeal

    Like many unfortunate Hindu girls, Athira, a resident of Kasaragod district, was also trapped and converted to Islam by an organised racket of Muslim youngsters. Soon after reconversion, she had said she would devote her life to spread Sanatana Dharma and fight against fraudulent religious conversions and extremism. She has authored a book titled Njan Athira (I, Athira) detailing the tumultuous period in her life and the ordeal she had gone through.

    Perseverance of her parents, for whom she was the only child, helped her come out of the trap laid by the organised conversion racket. Athira’s case made headlines after she decided to make ghar wapasi. Arsha Vidya Samajam convinced her to come back to her swa-dharma. Through her book the teenaged author wants to tell the world that why her decision was wise and correct. For Athira, it is journey from extremism to humanism.