India-UAE limited passenger services by Emirates to be delayed

Emirates’ limited passenger services from UAE to India to bring back the stranded expats will be delayed. The services which were scheduled to begin on April 6 have not been given approval by Indian authorities amid lockdown imposed in the country.

Emirates is planning to operate limited services to 14 world cities to send back their citizens stranded in UAE. However, a press release issued by the airlines on Friday, didn’t name any of the Indian cities in the list of services beginning on April 6.

The official statement said flights will be operated from Dubai to London, Paris, Brussels and Zurich in the first phase.

The earlier reports had stated Emirates flights will be operated to seven Indian cities including Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. The schedule of flights were also released. But, it was not officially approved and services can be operated only if the destination country gives permission, the release further said.

The confirmed services are being operated to countries where approval was given. As and when permissions are given, airlines will be operated to other countries accordingly. The passengers will be prioritised according to emergency needs.

Emirates also said that magazines on flight are not provided to avoid contact and special arrangements are done to distribute food.

However, no passengers will be allowed on the return flights from those countries. Each time, the flight lands back, it will be disinfected. All necessary safety and security measures are taken, the release further said.


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