In Sibal-Barkha fight, journalists are real losers  

Senior Congress leader and promoters of HTN Tiranga TV Kapil Sibal and his wife is engaged in an ugly fight with senior journalist Barkha Dutt. According to Dutt, the promoters have treated journalists “in a hideous way” and sacked more than 200 employees without giving severance package of six month-pay out. However, many insiders say, in the fight between Sibal and Dutt, journalists will be the real losers.

Dutt, in a series of tweets, took on Sibal and alleged that Sibal who “earns in crores” has refused to meet the staff and holidaying in London. “Neither husband nor wife have even showed up to talk to staff. But all live programming has been cancelled for 48 hrs..”

“What is most shameful is that Kapil Sibal earns crores every day and wont pay 200 employees the industry norm of 6 months or at least 3 months pay out, ruining the lives of 200 plus people,” Dutt wrote.

Dutt alleged that Sibal and his wife wanted to use PM Narendra Modi “as an excuse” to sack staff because he did not let the channel run. “But to be absolutely blunt. Government of India (GOI) has done nothing. Husband and wife have not faced staff, went on holiday to london, while shutting shop, prompting me to call him Mallya (sic),” Dutt tweeted.