‘Immodest women’ main cause of Covid-19, says Pak Tablighi Jamaat chief

When the scientists the world over are working hard to find out the real cause of Covid-19 pandemic that has been wreaking a havoc on the humanity, a Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat leader, Maulana Tariq Jameel, has already found the main reason: ‘Immodest women’. There are other reasons are lack of truthfulness, dishonesty, according to the maulana.

The mullah made this revelation while delivering a religious sermon in a live telethon that was also attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan and top journalists in Pakistan. He said the most important qualities of a Muslim are truthfulness, honesty and modesty. Bollywood star Aamir Khan and music composer and singer A. R. Rahman are some of his Indian followers.

The mullah said Allah sent the pandemic to the humanity because ‘women were indulging in dancing and wearing immodest dress’. The mullah said the mankind cannot ‘fight’ coronavirus because Allah had sent it to the world to teach the mankind a lesson. “Allah won’t like people fighting against him,” he said. According to him, the only way out is to plead before the God ‘seek His forgiveness’. Crying his heart out, the mullah gave a fervent plea before Allah to save the people, especially Muslims. In the case of non-Muslims he is not very enthusiastic, as they have not accepted Allah’s supremacy.

The mullah is very popular on social media. A video clip on his lurid descriptions about the benefits of paradise had went viral in Pakistan. He said men will be greeted in the paradise by women whose bodies one can see ‘through their clothes and men will get to sit and stare at them for 40 years’.