‘I won’t vote for Modi’

Recently one sentence has been seen very often in the social media – many say that this is the work of ‘sickulars’ or pseudo-seculars; many also say that this is the work of those who lost their black money during demonetization; some say that it is because regional parties have been side-lined due to arrogance and so on and so forth. What is that one sentence? It is:

“I am fed up of all politicians / I feel betrayed by BJP – I will vote for NOTA in the coming elections.”

Who are these people and why are they saying this? Let’s analyse:

PM Modi has done nothing for Hindus, so I will not vote for BJP in the coming elections:

People who say this refer to conversions, brutal slaying of RSS supporters in Kerala, Karnataka and Bengal, Hindus from Pakistan not receiving citizenship, temples not released from State Govt. control and so on. Now, let us see the facts:

Near about 40,000 NGOs which received funds from foreign countries, most of which were engaged in conversions and causing riots, have been shut down. Have you noticed that from late 2017, messages which spoke against Navratri, Makar Sankranti (kite-flying), Holi, etc. have gone down? Messages against Jallikattu, Kumbala, bullock racing in Maharashtra, etc. have gone down. Large open conversion (healer) events which used to take place practically every month in various cities, have gone down drastically. Many missionaries who used to flout the travel visa norms, have been refused visas. Is all this not a fact?

Yes, justice has not been done to many of our Hindu brothers who were killed by Leftists, but it will be done sooner than later.

News of Hindus being sent back to Pakistan is shown repeatedly, but do you know this – a thorough study of the reply under the Right to Information (RTI) Act reveals that the number of foreigners acquiring Indian citizenship has doubled from 2014-2016 when compared to three years of the previous government. “Between January 2014 to December 2016, the total number of foreigners acquiring Indian citizenship is 3,801, whereas during the last three years of the previous government (Congress government) between January 2011 to December 2013, the total number of foreigners national getting Indian citizenship was 1,676,” the reply said. More than 5,000 people have received citizenship till today.

True that administration and fund management of our temples are still not free of State government control, but it is a fight which we as citizens should continue to do. Wishing for it to happen in just one term is difficult and saying that because of that, we will vote for any other party or NOTA is ridiculous.

Modi ji has not done anything for Dalits; atrocities against Dalits have gone up in BJP rule:

Firstly, dividing Hindus based on caste has to stop. Also, asking for favours based on the caste one belongs too, also has to stop. The head of our country, the President, Shri RamNath Kovind belongs to the Dalit community. Isn’t that the highest form of respect?

Secondly, the following picture says a lot: 

Did you know that there is a Dr.BR Ambedkar Scheme for Inter-Caste marriages wherein if one of the spouse is a Dalit, Government is assisting upto an amount of Rs.2.5 lakhs for wedding expenses? This scheme was started in December 2017 & it aims to reduce caste differences.

Apart from Cash Scholarships to Dalit students, there is now a scheme for free coaching for entrance exams. There are no less than 7 schemes for Economic development & 2 schemes for Social Empowerment for the Dalits, to help them get social & economic security. The complete list can be viewed here – http://socialjustice.nic.in/SchemeList/index?mid=24541

PM Modi has done nothing for the Farmers:

A small post from Facebook can answer this very well –

“I am son of a farmer. Yesterday my grandfather came to me with a cover and told me to open that. It was RuPay Debit card given from his bank. And I asked him How did you get this?

He: This was given from bank compulsory to every account holder.

Me: Why?

He: Now we can’t buy fertilizer by cash. We have to use this card so this is given to us.

I was amazed to see this step of Indian Government. Every year we didn’t get enough fertilizer because the dealers were selling in black market. And if we want to get more, we have to pay almost thrice the price of actual.

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Now all process is digitalized, every farmer will get proper amount of fertilizer.

And also these urea fertilizers were selling in black market for chemical industry. So this government has started Neem Coating on urea, So it is not useful in Chemical Industries.”

The above post is only about Fertilizers. One of the biggest help is the Loan Interest Subvention Scheme whereby when an honest farmer repays his loan interest on time, the interest rate is reduced from 7% to just 4%. Crop Insurance, Soil Health Card scheme, Direct Marketing of produce, all these are excellent schemes by the present Government. Do take a look at – http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=168559

PM Modi has done nothing for ensuring better health – children are dying:

When the price of Stents used in hospitals were cut drastically, most people did not know how to react since they had never known how much these hospitals were looting them in the name of imported stents.

The government will also establish 1.5 lakh Health and Wellness Centres centres under the Ayushman Bharat programme.

At least one medical college for every 3 parliamentary constituencies and at least one government medical college in each state of the country is a positive step towards addressing the shortage of doctors in the country.

The new National Health Protection Scheme under which a health coverage of upto Rs 5 lakh per family will be offered for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra scheme, generic medicines are available at less than half the cost.

Note: Under the Yogi Government in UP, Encephalitis deaths have gone down sharply from over 5,000 deaths per year to 1,317 deaths in 2017. This too is a high figure and one hopes that with better sanitation and better health care, this will go down further.

What has PM Modi done for the Industry sector?

Narendra Modi and his Government must have done something right since Bharat is now :

World’s 2nd Largest Steel Manufacturer
World’s 2nd Largest Mobile Manufacturer
World’s 3rd Largest Electricity Producer
World’s 4th Largest Automobiles Manufacturer

Eight infrastructure sectors – coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertilisers, steel, cement and electricity – grew by 5.3 per cent in February 2017-18. Petroleum refinery production increased by 7.8 per cent against a negative growth of 2.8 per cent in the same period last year. Electricity generation grew by 4 per cent against 1.2 per cent growth in February 2017. Fertiliser and cement production rose by 5.3 per cent and 22.9 per cent, respectively. As these eight sectors account for 40.27 per cent of the total factory output, the effect of this growth will be seen in the Index of Industrial Production data. One point to note here is that the MSEs have not received as much support as expected.

Railways – what has been done there? Only announcement of the Bullet Train won’t help:

Setting another record, the Indian Railways carried out renewal of 4,405 km of old tracks in 2017-18 – the highest ever in a financial year – and exceeded its target of 4,389 km. The national transporter had achieved its previous best in the financial year 2004-05 due to the setting up of a special rail safety fund during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. Renewal of 642 km of rail tracks was carried out in March 2018, which is the best ever progress in any month.

The renewal of tracks has helped the government improve the railways’ safety record. For the first time in 35 years, the national transporter recorded less than 100 accidents in a year. In the last financial year that ended 31 March, the railways recorded 73 accidents – 29 per cent fewer than the 104 in 2016-17.

Increased security and surveillance also helped in preventing many cases of ‘apparent sabotage’ where fishplates were found missing / fractured tracks were discovered.

Demonetization – Almost 99% of the demonetized notes came back to the banking system. What a sham it was:

Just FYI the amount that did not come back was over Rs. 16,000 crores by a conservative estimate. Very less no? What about the counterfeit notes? Total face value of fake currency detected post demonetisation was estimated to be around Rs.400 crores. This is just the amount which came back to the banks during exchange. It is obvious from these figures how huge the problem of undetected income and fake currency was.

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Now look at these headlines:


Maoists and Naxalite movements too have been hit because of the Note Ban – it is not just crippling of their movement, it is also that the main people who were involved in extortion have been identified from their bank accounts. Also, many Naxalites and Maoists have surrendered post 2016. Note: Maoist violence has also reduced due to building of roads which are connecting the remotest areas of Bharat to the villages and cities.

An added benefit is that Direct tax collections for FY 17-18 is ₹10,02,607 Cr (18% higher than previous year). The data reveals the efficiency of tax Department & rise in number of honest tax payers.

Actually PM Modi has done nothing for the Muslims, which shows that he is biased against Muslims:

Here I would like to direct the reader to http://www.minorityaffairs.gov.in/schemesperformance … While many of these programmes were started by earlier governments, it is a fact that this Government has only increased the outlay for Minorities, in the budget. This Government is committed to improving the lot of the Muslims through Education and Justice, not through empty Appeasement promises. The Triple Talaaq legislation is the first step towards this. Modernization of Madrasas also comes under this.

Forget all this, the Modi Government has not changed our History books and education system to instil pride in our country, in our children:

Yes, the new Educational Policy is still in the making and hopefully will fulfil our aspirations. This is the first Government to have taken suggestions from the common man to improve the Education System of the Nation. Also do not forget that any attempt is always mired in controversy thanks to the Media and the Leftist Historians who always cry Victimization and prevent all attempts to change the Macaulay Education system.

All the changes were for the poor or for the minorities … what about the Middle Class? We did not even get a rebate in taxes as expected. We are the vote base & we don’t get anything? We shall go for NOTA, but will not vote for Modi again:

You can wake up a sleeping person – but how can you wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep? This is the case with the Middle Class (Hindus). They are educated enough to know that only 3% of the people pay taxes in Bharat and that because of Demonetization and linking of Aadhaar, the Government has been able to bring in many into the tax net. Because of this, collections in future will have to increase and then alone the Government will have a chance to reduce the direct tax collection. Presently, tax collections have increased by a whopping 18% without any increase in tax rates. Also FYI Government has introduced many measures to reduce the actual tax paid, through many rebates including increased housing loan rebates, etc. Another big relief for the middle class has been the reduced inflation rate which is hovering at below 2% pa now.

Another point to be noted is that better roads, better rail facilities, increased electricity connections, better infrastructure, and reduced inflation, all, help the middle class directly and indirectly.

I am a student… Congress says that there are No Jobs & that BJP had promised jobs to crores of youngsters, but has not fulfilled its promise:

Congress will say such a thing because they have nothing to lose by misguiding youngsters. In fact if one were to do a Google search one would find that most Media has said the same thing. But facts speak for themselves. It is a fact that employment via working for a government organization has not gone up as expected. But unlike in the past, instead of Government jobs, people are depending on the Private Sector for jobs. Income generation, not dependant on jobs, but through self-employment has also gone up drastically thanks to the Mudra Yojana and other schemes of the Government. This is reflected in the steady GDP figures. Also, since the infrastructure generation has steadily increased, it translates to steady growth of job creation too. Unfortunately this Government has not published proper figures and the Niti Aayog report is awaited on job creation.

Everybody keeps saying that our foreign relations have improved. But what I see on T.V. is just Pakistani terrorist and Rohingya refugees:

What is not written about in the media is how Bharat has been able to ward off the threat from China in many ways. China had worked hard to build a ‘string of pearls’. Do read this wonderful article to know about this – https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/china-encircle-india-string-of-pearls-982930-2017-06-15 It is very visible in this that pre 2014, the Congress Government had no idea on how to tackle this. But the Modi Government has take very proactive steps on countering the ‘string of pearls’ – whether it is the Duqm port in Oman or the Chabahar Port in Iran or the airport in Sri Lanka or the recent move in Nepal to prevent them from taking Chinese help to build their dams, the Bharatiya Government under Modi ji has taken giant steps to negate the Chinese moves.

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Also, one cannot forget how repeatedly the Modi Government has helped bring back Indians from the Gulf countries in times of trouble.

Ha, how can you answer this one – PM Modi allowed Nirav Modi and others to run away from Bharat. They have taken our money away thanks to Modi ji:

Let us look at some facts – The bulk of NPAs are in public sector banks. In March 2017, they held ₹6.8 lakh crore of the ₹7.9 lakh crore bad loans; private sector banks held ₹91,900 crore and foreign banks the rest. Now, most media reports show that the NPAs have drastically increased between 2015 and 2017. But the fact is something else – “Basically, after indiscriminate lending during the boom times of 2003 to 2010, banks found that many large corporates couldn’t service their loans. They entered into restructuring deals to extend their repayment timelines, and managed to keep these loans out of their official NPA accounting, with RBI looking the other way. In 2014, as it became increasingly clear that ‘restructured’ was euphemism for ‘doubtful’, RBI cracked the whip on banks to estimate and account for these NPAs. This is the key reason for the sharp spike in both the stressed advances and gross NPA ratios between March 2015 and September 2017.” – The Hindu. So let’s put the blame where it belongs – the Previous Government who pressurised the banks directly and indirectly to give loans without following due procedures.

Now what has been done to recover these bad loans? The Modi led Government introduced the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). This is one of the most significant reforms put in place by the government. It has won praise from multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and is one of the prime reasons for India’s big 30-notch leap up the ease of doing business rankings.

The new framework is a timebound process. Cases once admitted are supposed to be resolved within 270 days; if not, companies go into liquidation. During the resolution process, management control is taken away from promoters and vested with a resolution professional. In 2017 banks referred the 12 big cases identified by RBI—which make up close to one-quarter of the Indian banking system’s stressed assets of Rs10 trillion—to the NCLT. By the end of December, lenders had referred (or were in the process of referring) another 28 large cases to bankruptcy court. This has resulted in Rs. 4,00,000 crores of NPAs in the process of being settled and amounts returning to the banks.

But, but – This Government had promised to build the Ram Mandir & it is not yet done:

This Government is committed to following the Judgement from the Supreme Court. This is because any temporary action will only cause more destruction and mayhem, thanks to the various political parties which are waiting to take advantage of such a situation. We hope that Justice will prevail.


All the schemes of the Government, be it the Mudra Yojana, the Jan Dhan Yojana, the Ujwala Yojana and many more, have benefitted all sections of the Society, irrespective of Religion, Caste, Status. Why then are we trying to look for reasons to vote for NOTA? Is it that we want to shove off our responsibility of creating a strong Nation only on one man’s shoulders? It is not just Modi ji’s responsibility to build a new Bharat … it is our collective responsibility. Let us shed our religious and caste differences, and vote for a better Bharat – a strong Bharat led by PM Modi once again.

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