Harsh Vardhan launches indusscrolls.com

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology, on Wednesday launched www.indusscrolls.com, a website on Hindusim, at a colourful function in New Delhi. Speaking at the event, Vardhan said the world has realized the contribution of Hindutva and it is important for Hindus to project a positive image of this culture.
Hinduism is not an exclusive philosophy and it has the potential to find solution to the problems facing the world. “Our civilization has contributed to all areas of human interaction. It has vision with regard to agriculture, education, healthcare so on so forth. It is important that we project the correct image of Hinduism to the world,” Vardhan said.
In an impactful speech, J Nandakumar, Samyojak, Prajna Pravah, said Hinduism is a way of life. “I have a problem with the word “ism”. Hindutva or Hinduness is not an ism. ‘Ism’ has a limited meaning. Hindutva never say this is the only way to emancipation or God. Our dharma gives flexibility to a believer to choose his path. Hindutva is not ‘onlyism’ but it believes in ‘alsoism’.”
According to Nandakumar, if one goes by ancient Indian wisdom, the people who work for “Bharat ki barbadi” are practicing adharma.
Prof Satya Vrat Shastri, Jnanapith Award winner, gave a elaborate explanation on dharma. Dharma is the basis of our culture. It’s not a set of dogmas. It’s a universal philosophy.
Sushri Divya Prabha, Vediv scholar, said the Sanatana Dharma is truly universal.