Governor signs new ordinance; Kerala Police Act amendment annulled

Kerala Police Act amendment has been annulled. Governor Arif Mohammed Khan signed the new ordinance withdrawing the amendment.

The state government had introduced the new law to curb attacks on social media. The amendment brought restrictions on all types of media. This stirred objections from around the country following which the government itself decided to withdraw the ordinance.

This could be the first time in the history of Kerala that an ordinance was introduced to withdraw another ordinance. The Police Act amendment ordinance was withdrawn just 4 days after it was signed by the Governor making it the fastest to be removed.

Ordinances are introduced to create laws when the Assembly is not in session. Later, the ordinance must be passed in the Assembly to become laws. Several ordinances have become invalid after they were not passed in the Assembly.

Ordinances have been withdrawn by moving motions in the Assembly. The Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) introduced during the President’s rule in 1966 was one such law. ESMA was repealed after K. R. Gouri Amma moved a motion in the Assembly against it on December 6, 1967.