Gold smuggling case: Main accused Swapna Suresh’s photos and videos with CM goes viral

The key conspirator in the gold smuggling case at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport in the form of diplomatic baggage addressed to the UAE consulate, Swapna Suresh’s photo with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has surfaced on the social media.

The picture is from the Iftar party at UAE Consulate where Swapna can be seen with the Chief Minister.

CM Vijayan had earlier said that he is not aware who appointed Swapna to the IT Department project. In contradiction to this, the photo has gone viral on the social media, tracing close links between both of them. Even Speaker Sriramakrishnan can be seen in the photograph.

The main accused Swapna Suresh is currently working as an operational manager in staté’s IT Department.