Following PM Modi’s paces, Imran Khan heads to US to ‘speak’ about Kashmir

Seems like Imran Khan is not yet satisfied with setbacks that he has been receiving from all over the world, following the paces of PM Modi, he is now heading to the US for ‘speaking about’ Kashmir, contemporary issues at UNGA and other forum, reports Pak media. Earlier Pakistan faced a number of defeats while ‘arguing for Kashmir.

According to Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO), Imran will lead the Pakistan delegation during the high-profile week of the UN General Assembly Session in New York from September 21-27. He will deliver his address to the UNGA on Friday, September 27, sharing Pakistan’s perspective and position on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, the statement read.

However, a number of people from his own country have come up with stringent criticism on Pakistan’s repeated failures in international venues. Coincidently, reports of a Pak human right activist applying for political asylum in the US was featured by many of the international media today. The human right’s activist has blamed Pak military for their sexual harassments.