Do we need another AMU? Move to set up Christian University will trigger division

As the National Minority Commission is moving towards establishment of a Christian University on the lines of Aligarh Muslim University and Banaras Hindu University, there has been a lurking fear in the academic circles that the move may sow seeds of division in the society. “It is a suicidal attempt,” said an academic who doesn’t want to be quoted.

According to him, Christians have a University at Serampur in West Bengal, set up in 1847. “University Grants Commission allowed them to issue degrees and other certificates in Theology only. More over the Mysore University and Calicut University have Christian Studies Department,” he added.

He said there was no need of a separate university for Christians. “Now, the Commission is demanding one such on the lines of AMU and BHU. Shall we commit another historical blunder again,” he asked.

Another scholar who belongs to a minority community says, “Ninety per cent of the Christian population are national-minded. If a new Christian university come into existence, no doubt in fifty years they will turn against our country. History has proved it. The British through education has de-Hinduised the Hindus. It was more than what the Muslims rulers of India had done in 600 years. Christian Missionary stratagem is more effective than the swords of Muslims.”

According to him, India is paying a price for allowing establishment of Aligarh Muslim University. “The Commission should resist from moving ahead with the plan. It will create social schism in the long run,” said the person quoted above.



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