Do Idols Emit Positive Energy?

“Scientifically speaking its an utter nonsense. In fact, double nonsense. The energy of an Idol is no different from the stone it was carved out from. And there is nothing like positive energy exists anywhere,” this was my reply. However, Hindu Vigrahas have some mysterious and miraculous powers, I will come to that later.

“But, Udayji you feel the positive energy when you see (Darshan) an idol and feel negative energy when you go to some dark areas. Even in science, you have negative and positive” said Sangeet, who asked this question.

“We have many plus (positive) and minus (negative) mathematical calculations just for the sake of scaling and measuring matter and energy. It has nothing to do with your idea of positive energy. It’s just a personal experience or feeling. Yes, I also experience a feel-good factor, when I get Darshan. People call the feeling, which comes from your inside, as positive energy ”

“Yes, yes, Udayji, yes, that’s what I meant – a kind of positive vibes…”

“Sangeet, I feel good because I am a practicing Hindu, a believer, and devote. Others won’t feel it. If there is a heat-energy, everyone, irrespective of the believer or not, should feel it. A Muslim, Christian, or an Athiest sees a Hindu idol won’t feel the same. Why? Their beliefs are different. A Muslim may get the same feel-good factor when he sees a picture of Mecca Masjid. Christian would get the same when he sees a picture of Jesus Christ. Others won’t. Obviously, it is a personal feeling and not energy. Let’s don’t mix up fact and belief.”

“But, I have experienced and know about the curative process of positive energy in the temple from a lot of people, Udayji…”

“When I attend a Mangalarti or Pooja at the temple, I also get goosebumps. I experience the elevation of my mind and body. It’s a great experience.”

“Yes, even you feel the energy vibes, then why do you deny it?”

“It happens because of multiple factors inside and outside. During a pooja, the sound energy comes from mantra recitation, temple Bell, temple instruments, and Conch Shell. The light and heat energy of Aarati and other lamps, the visuals of decorated idols, the smell of flowers, sandalwood, camphour, oils, etc – all together will take you to a different dimension. That’s a personal experience. And after Pooja, you would get sweet Prasadam, which would increase the glucose level in your body.”


“That’s a situation which creates psychological emotions which in turn makes hormone changes inside your body. You feel elevated. It can even reduce many of your disease conditions. It’s not a positive energy per se. And it has nothing to do with the power of Idol”

“So, you mean to say there is no power in Idols? Then why do you worship it?”

“Good question. I worship because I am a believer. I worship it also because there are many scientific reasons behind it.. The temple is an ecosystem and one of the major foundation stone of Hindu Dharma – I have already explained the science of temples in various other articles. To start with an idol is not the exact word for Vigraha, but we use the word for the archā-vigraha, that is a worshipable form of GOD or deity.”

“Yes, I know, the statues you see in temples are not idols. They are known usually in three names: pratima, vigraha and murti. Idols are made by stapathis (a sculptor is not an exact translation). I have read all these aspects…” Sangeet said.

“Good. Our ancestors were masters in metallurgy. The Rigveda uses the Sanskrit term Ayas for metal. Vedic state of Brahmavarta and Khetri has Copper mines. Our ancients made vigrahas using Panchaloha (an alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron), Ashtadhatu (eight metals or octo-alloy) and Navaphashanam (nine mineral or poison) apart from other stones like granite, rock, saligrama etc. Each had its characteristics and specialty. The vigrahas is a combination of ancient metallurgy and Ayurveda”

“Oh, really?”

“Unlike other countries in the world, Hindu kingdoms were ruled by the presiding deity of the desa and King was a representative or servant (dasa) of the deity. Each vigraha has a characteristic, specialty and purpose based upon the desa (village or country). For instance, in the southernmost tip of India, the vigraha of Devi Kanyakumari’s nose ring is set with rubies that are so bright and that could be seen from far at night – the sailors could see the shine of the diamond, and hence be guided in”

“Yes, I heard about it…”

“The vigraha in Palani is made of navaphashanam. The panchamritham, milk, honey, and other materials used for abhishekam are believed to absorb the navabhashanam, and hence the belief that it contains curative properties. Another instance is the back of Tirupati Balaji vigraha always remains moist, despite the priests labouring to keep it dry. The vigraha is resistant to the volatile chemical reactions of camphor, and bears no marks, even though it remains smeared with the substance most of the time. We don’t know how is it possible. So each Vigraha had its specialties. Many such genuine vigrahas with different concepts were made in ancient Bharat.”

“That’s rally miraculous”

“Did you notice? The older generation would say, Abhishekam (pouring water or other sacred substances (milk, honey, medicated leafy water, etc) on a vigraha of a deity while also chanting mantras) is one of the known offerings to please the God or deity. And after Abhishekam devotees drink it…”

“Yes, as teertham (the water with which the deity has been washed)”

“It was a herbal medical composition for health benefits. Each teertham has different medicinal values if it is done properly.”

“Oh, so our diseases can be cured.”

“I used ‘was’ and ‘had’ – before the world is contaminated and polluted. Today mostly the water will have E. coli bacteria in it and the milk in the plastic cover is not real milk…If you drink today’s teertham you might end up in the hospital. So be careful about it…I was telling about the real concept behind vigrahas…Many vigrahas sweat like human beings. There is much more to learn about our Vigrahas and science behind it…”

“Yes, Udayji, I understand…So, there was a scientific base…All vigrahas are so powerful…”

“Unfortunately, the religious fanatics idol breakers destroyed thousands of those idols. So I would say hundreds of thousands of Vigrahas were destroyed by lunatics, without understanding the real fact behind it. Later Portuguese religious fanatics destroyed at least 40,000 vigrahas. And even in the modern world, it happens…”

“How come, today we have a legal system…”

“Yes, in 1950, the Sabarimala temple was found gutted by fire by another fanatic religious community. The original vigraha has gone. Similarly, in 1970, a massive fire broke out in the Guruvayoor temple – the original idol is gone. So, whenever you hear about fire and renovation, please understand that it is just destroying original idol or smuggling it to other countries…”

“Very shocking, I didn’t know that…”

” According to Upanishads, everything in this universe has consciousness (Chetana) – in layman’s language, God resides in everything. That’s the real power of Vigraha.”

“So, Vigraha has are much more than just the fictitious positive energy…”

“Yes, Vigraha Sastra is mysterious. I believe God (consciousness) resides in the Vigraha. But the divinity is not confined to Vigrahas. If you keep a Vigraha at home and worship earnestly, you will get the feeling that God resides in it too! There’s nothing other than God. When you believe that God resides in the Vigrha, your Sankalp Sakthi will act there. That Sankalpa Sakthi can perform miracles in you.”

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