Devotee offers massive 500 crores to Kerala Temple to renovate temple and premises, shocked Devaswom board moves to high court seeking advice

A prominent business group in Karnataka is preparing to offer Rs 500 crore to Chottanikkara Bhagavathi. The aim is to reconstruct the temple with architectural brilliance as well as develop the surroundings into a temple city. The devotee who heads the business group wishes to complete the works directly rather than giving the cash.

The project of unbelievable investment has tabled in front of Cochin Devaswon Board a year back. Several rounds of discussion between temple officials and company representative Ganasravanji has been completed. Considering the size of the project, the devaswon board forwarded the suggestion to the government. The board is taking procedures to seek the permission of high court bench as per legal advice.The preliminary project was prepared by BR Ajith Associates, Ernakulam. The thought is to implement the project under the supervision of a committee consisting of three representatives of the devotee, three devaswom board officials and the architect. The board is preparing an agreement for this. The board is mulling to ask for Rs 5 crore to start the works and then a deposit of Rs 250 crores in bank in the name of the committee.The project includes a ring road around the temple, east and west facing gopurams, a sewage treatment plant, renovation of parking grounds, new annadana mandapam (feeding hall), renovation of Onakuttichira Temple, and construction of a guest house. Rs 300 crore will be set aside for this, and Rs 200 crores will be utilized for city development.