Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 22)


Aries, today you will be in a much relaxed mood. You may not feel the pressure of work. You can plan a party. You will be having fun time with members of the family. Your financial worries are also at bay.


Taurus, your strong point is striking a balance in family and professional lives. In conflict situations at home or professional fronts, you know when to your argument. Your constant health worries take a heavy toll on you. You have a tendency to indulge in self-medication. That will harm you. You might receive a promotion or an increment so keep your eyes open for that.


Gemini, you trust people easily. You have paid a price for it also in your life. Don’t let a few sweet words melt you though, but don’t push it away completely. Find a balance in keeping your guard up and keeping your guard down. It sounds like a tough thing to do, but it really isn’t. Wear light green today.


Finish the pending tasks. If you’re pursuing an education then make sure you meet deadlines because procrastination is your best friend today. You might think you have time to do things, but in reality you need to do it all today.


Leo, you will be upset with responses of some of your colleagues. Ignore them. Ensure them that things will be alright for them as some people around you might need some security. Your friends and family look up to your wisdom so remember to comfort them and push some positivity in their life as well. Worship Shakti today.


Virgo, be careful while driving or workout. Don’t push yourself too much today. You have been postponing some health related plans like consulting a doctor. Don’t procrastinate. You’re always thinking of others first. That is not bad. But you should focus also on your health.


Libra, you have a lot of energy today. Your bosses will be happy with your performance. You have a knack of taking all along, though you enjoy carrying tales about your rivals. But your hard work and innovative thinking will be appreciated by even your rivals.


Your family comes first for you. Your pursuit to build a perfect career will get a cosmic leg up. You’re a perfectionist and you’re very critical about yourself. Things will soon improve on the professional front. Worship Genesha and give food to cow and poor. Anna dana  (Poor feeding) is a great punya karma.


Sag, you are a master of procrastination. You will get a lot of attention. Do the assignment immediately and don’t sit on it. Your communication skills are at their peak so it’s going to be a great day to meet new people as well. You’re going to attract a lot of people towards you with your charm and personality. Remember not to get too flattered by this though, or it might just take a turn in a different direction. Keep yourself grounded.


Cap, your helpful nature will bring you closer to many people. You’re the person everyone is going to come to for advice. Even though you love giving advice, remember to take your advice yourself. Ease up and don’t be hypocritical to your own ideas. Go to a temple or a place of worship. Light a lamp and pray before you step out of your home in the morning.


You have set support group for you in your workplace. People love to work with you because you are considerate and fair. You might get a good piece of news today. Your promotion is on cards.


Pisces, your financial worries will come to an end. A good sum of money is about to come your way. Think of making some investments for future. On personal front, your lack of confidence in you pull you back. Have faith in you.


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