Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 29)


Aries, you may receive unpleasant treatment from your partner. If you think the limits have crossed, it may be time to step out. But if you feel like there is scope for a better tomorrow, show the other how you want to be loved. You are a stronger person and the world must know this.


Taurus, today you will be exploring sensual pleasures. You will experience ecstatic moments in the company of your lover. It is time to forget all and get immersed in the bliss provided by the cosmic settings.


Gemini, you will be concentrating on your inner energies to heal yourself. You are allowed to be the most honest version of your yourself. Let the sacred fire liberate you from all that you have repressed. Meditate for some time and enjoy the energy flow within yourself.


Cancer, everybody has a past. You will feel some of the past thoughts will interfere your present. Leave all those toxic emotions. Be real with yourself about the patterns you need to break free from. Some of you may turbulence in in your little paradise. Controlling the emotions is the best strategy for today.


Leo, you will feel to conquer the world today. But greed should not consume you. Be realistic and grateful for the magic you are experiencing in this moment. But some changes are on your way.


Virgo, you will find a person today who will match your wavelength today. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground so you can indulge in an afternoon of flirtations without getting carried away. There’s nothing better than a weekend of discovering yourself. Give in to the sensual pleasures that are offered to you aplenty.


Libra, there will be a lot of changes happening in your life. Get ready to write a new chapter in the realm of love. You will be relieved of all the negative thoughts about the past. Don’t waste much time on the past. On your professional front also you will be experiencing changes.


Dear Scorpio, it is time to break the silence and take charge of where things should go from here. It may impact your state of mind. But you must face it that it is like that. You may need some time to recuperate from all of this.


Sag, somebody from your past could appear with the intention of reigniting the flame. Take your time to get to build a connection. Coupled Sagittarians will experience a lot of love and confidence in your lives. You are experiencing a greater degree of love and harmony in your relationship.


Cap, love, harmony, and togetherness is what is in store for you, today. Spend more time with the family. Spend more time in the company of those who make you feel like ‘home’. For some of you, this could be a time of positive changes on the domestic front.


Aquarius, do what’s right for you this time. Choose a partner who shows how committed they are through both actions and words. The Universe is offering you to experience that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. Some of the career-minded, today will be a hectic day. Likely to meet a lot of friends and colleagues.


Pisces, your beloved may surprise you with some important news. Enjoy the weekend in the company of your beloved. Wait for more surprises on the career front also. The time is going good for you.