Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 24)


Some unexpected events would take place. Don’t think too much into it and just accept the good that is coming to you. You deserve it after so many months of hardwork and things not falling into place for you.


Taurus, make travel plans alone where you can go and spend time with yourself. You might also want to explore a new place just to get a fresh breath of air. Your financials are in good position. You may think on splurging on yourself.


Gemini, introduce everyone because the people in your life are going to get along with each other perfectly. Divide your time between your friends and family and give them both equal attention. You might also end up being the center of attention today, so don’t be surprised.


Cancer, people will compliment you on your looks and your attitude today. This will keep you happy for the entire day and give you the self confidence you’ve lost lately. Enjoy this compliment filled day and remember that you’re worth much more than you think you are.


Leo, financially things will be looking good for you, however, someone close to you might need your finances for some urgent help. Remember that they were there for you in your tough times. Don’t let your ego take over you and offer the help you can give. However, make sure you don’t give it all away. Save some for yourself because in the end, it’s your hard earned money.


Virgo, you might think this is because you’re being targeted, but it’s solely because the people around you trust you to manage and lead things correctly. Don’t get overwhelmed by so much work. Just have faith in yourself and you’ll be able to get it all done smoothly.


Libra, you are likely to get a good piece of news today. It can be something materialistic as well. You will also be offered presents today by family members you haven’t met in a while. Overall it’s a good day for you as you’ll be receiving a lot of love from everywhere.


Scorpio, you may not be in good spirits today. However, you’re very determined to do things today. This is going to work out in your favour. Even though your energy is low, you will end up doing everything that is lined up in your list. If you get too tired, take a break. Don’t force your body to things your mind isn’t ready to do. It’s okay to postpone things for the best results.


Staying active is the key to life. You might feel lazy and tired today, and that’s completely okay. However, don’t let your lethargic attitude intrude into your workspace. Make sure you get everything done on time as this will reflect on you and people will notice if you’re not working. Drink juices and eat fruits to bring your energy up during the day.


Cap, you might be feeling low today. Being around others will just aggravate your anger and anxiety. Try not to be too social today as you might burst out at others for no reason. Sit home, meditate and get some sleep. You’ve been quite sleep deprived due to work lately.


Aquarius, you will be assailed by confusion. Your thoughts might have been miscommunicated to this person and this has created friction between the two of you for a while. It’s best to explain your side today and understand what they want to say as well so everything gets sorted.


Pisces, all the negativity in you will run out and you will be beaming with positivity. Things that you haven’t been able to do or look at in a good way will change for you today. It’s a good day for you Pisces. Take this as an opportunity to start something new that you’ve been scared to do.


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