Daily horoscope: What is in store for you today (April 29)


    You will feel like spending time on yourself. Find some space amidst the chaos to unwind. Even during your busy schedule also it is possible. This week could throw a few unpleasant surprises your way. Meditate Shiva who will give you strength to face such situations with equanimity. If you can, recite Om Nama Shivaya 101 times. It will give you strength and peace of mind.



    Your big fat paycheck is on the way. Your bosses are happy with you. On the career front there isn’t anything to be worried about immediately. Do some charity or poor feeding. That will give you immense sense of satisfaction.  Attend to our parents or elderly relatives. Take time to pray for some time.



    You will take an important decision today. You’re your mind cool while taking the decision. Practice the fine art of detachment this week, Gemini. This will give you the right perspective on events in your life. At times you will not find motivation to do some important thing. Use your energy wisely and productively. If you are a Hanuman bhakt pray to him. He will help steer you clear of sadness and melancholy.



    Cancer, why do you want feed your fears? Some people including your partner might belittle you. But believe in you and god. Irrespective of what a few people may say, you have the power to spread smiles around. Make the drastic changes you’re being guided to.



    After some setbacks, a new project is on the horizon. Don’t ponder over past failures. Be prepared to grab the opportunities. Keep some financial reserve in case unexpected expenses come up in the process. You have what it takes to arrive at the finish line.



    A good ahead of you today. On the job front, get ready for that big breakthrough moment. Your bosses are taking note of your contribution. Romance is in air. You will be happy to be with your lover/partner today.



    It has been confusing for you these days, Libra. For making it big , you have to sweat it out. There may be a lot of distractions from personal and professional fronts. This week marks a turning point in your life. Position of stars are favouring you greatly.



    The whole world is conspiring to get your wishes fulfilled. Your prayers are going to get answered soon. You will be in for some pleasant surprises. Don’t lose opportunity to connect with friends. Settle your differences with your partner/lover and look forward to positive week ahead.



    Some of your pending works may take half of the day today. One opportunity that you thought would come in your way hasn’t yet come. Don’t lose hope. More are in pipeline. Finish all the tasks that are pending.



    There may be a lot unpleasant things happening around you. But keep yourself aloof from all those things. There are many who will extend their hands of friendship. If you are a Krishna Bhakt, meditate some time with his image on your mind.



    You believe in the power of actions over words.  You do a lot for those you love. Another thing you need to be mindful of is your equation with material rewards. There’s no doubt you are doing well for yourself, but is the compensation in proportion to your effort.



    You are going witness steady progress. Love and romance will be just important in the days to come. Take a step forward to remove the conflicts in your personal life. Understanding others views is very important. Peace of mind is important for you this week.

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