CPM workers raises death threat against Congress MP Ramya Haridas

MP Ramya Haridas alleged that CPM workers raised death threat against her. She alleged that former president of Alathur panchayat Nazar and others threatened her while she was talking to the employment guarantee scheme workers. The MP lodged a complaint with the police following the incident.

The incident took place from near Alathur police station by Sunday afternoon. The MP was travelling in her constituency and conversed with Green Task Force members near the police station. Meanwhile, some CPM workers tried to stop her and threatened her, she alleged.

According to her complaint, there were about 8 CPM workers including former panchayat president Nasar. They threatened to break her leg if she dared to step into the constituency again. Following this, Ramya Haridas went to the police station and filed complaint. The issue was settled after discussions.

Ramya Haridas told media that a man identified as Najeeb told her not to show off at their place. They also said her that she should not step into the place again and they would stop her. Later, Nasar and gang also came to the place and threatened to chop her leg off and kill her, the MP alleged.