Complaint registered against Owaisi for inciting communal trouble after Ayodhya verdict – VIDEO

A complaint has been given against the AIMIM leader and Muslim hardliner, Asaduddin Owaisi, for trying to incite communal tensions with his statement against the verdict of Supreme Court in the Ramjanmabhoomi case.

The court had ordered the disputed land be handed over to a trust to build a Ram Temple at the site and awarded 5 acres of land to the Muslims.

After the pronouncement of the verdict Owaisi said, “Supreme Court is supreme but not infallible. ”

He said that he was not satisfied with the verdict and said that Muslims did not need 5 acres as a donation.

An advocate Pawan Kumar Yadav alleged that Owaisi gave inciting statements on the verdict and filed a complaint at Jahangirabad Police Station.

While many Muslim organizations welcomed the verdict and said that they abide by the apex court’s decision, hardliners like Owaisi are not happy with the verdict. His statements come after the Central Waqf Board, the plaintiff in the Ramjanamabhoomi case had said that they would not challenge the court’s verdict.



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