Choreographed attacks and freedom of expression: Anatomy of a perverted artist from Communist cesspool

She is certainly not known for her work. She is known for all wrong reasons a civilized society abhors. She cannot be called an artist as she has not produced any work that is worth mentioning. Her works betray sexual depravity and vulgarity. For such sterile minds, only way to success is paint something provocative about Hindu gods or goddesses or tarnish religious symbols or utter banalities on Hinduism.

Meet Durga Malathi, a stormy petrel emerged from the Communist cesspool, which produced worthies like Rashmi Nair who along with her husband used to run a sex racket before they were arrested. Rashmi and her husband were hailed as a revolutionary couple by comrades and Malayalam television channels when they spearheaded ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign along with some lumpen elements. Rashmi Nair’s husband used to strike deals for his wife. Rashmi Nair, like Malathi, abhors Hindu religious symbols. Malathi made obnoxious sketches in the wake of Kathua episode aimed at hurting sentiments of Hindus in a bid to gain cheap popularity. A political analyst said: “They are cherries on the Communist turd. They hate morality and social norms because they want to lead a wanton life. Gandhiji feared the Communists were out to create sexual anarchy in the society. Communist lifestyles promote sexual anarchy. Lives of many yesteryear Communist leaders, including AKG, are examples of this.”

The scheme of events in the cases of attacks of freedom of expression is choreographed: same pattern is followed. Protagonists, mostly failed or aspiring artists first make provocative paintings/put up Facebook posts or videos. Then men from the CPI(M)’s cyber army with fake identities come up with rape threats and indecent comments. Some extremist Hindu elements would also troll or issue threats. It is then made into media spectacle nationally with Congress’ troll machines such as NDTV and Left’s propaganda arms such as The Wire and rolling out hate literature on RSS and BJP. In Kerala, CITU journalists then will make a meal out of it.

In a recent post, Advocate Jayashankar, a Communist but a sensible political analyst, remarked that in Kerala there are no samskarika nayakar (cultural leaders); there are only samskarika nayakal (cultural dogs). He was annoyed by the silence of this tribe when a poor, hungry tribal was killed for allegedly stealing some food item. Similarly, recently a poor Dalit boy was brutally killed in custody. His mother was not allowed to give water to the dying boy. These worthies who shed crocodile tears for Dalits in North India did not utter a single word against this inhuman attitude of the police.

Unless an investigation is conducted no one can be sure of who were behind the attack on Malathi’s vehicle. In the past, CPI(M) cadres have mounted attacks on BJP workers posing as activists of extremist Islamist outfits shouting “Allah o Akbar”. Similarly, after killing a Muslim League worker in Malappuram, they shouted slogans like “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” to give an impression that it was carried out by RSS workers. For, the CPI(M) wants to keep the pot boiling, as campaigning for bypoll for Chengannur seat is underway.