Can I Find A Way Out?

My five senses are not sufficient
To realise, feel and capture
Your Glory O my Lord!
I feel your silent presence
Your Beauty, Your Excellence.
O my Lord! Can I still view
With these eyes Your Effulgence?
Can You Bless me Your Grace?
To sustain my last stage!
Slowly the candle of life is burning out.
My soulmate gone in a flash
Leaving me stun, in grief,
Feeling like a destitute,
Friendless; like flightless bird
Unable to perch from tree to tree
Like a blind man finding a way out
In a dark night, in eerie silence
My only hope lies in You, in You.
O Unseen One, Unfathomable
What good is candlelight for a blind?
Crutches for a crippled, music for deaf!

For long I prayed for my beloved
To walk alongside till my end
Alas! She has flown away in a flash
Dashing all my yearning’s, hopes.
How can I crawl on a slippery ground?
Where can I find solace, bliss?
When pathos, grief is burning in my bosom!

O, Love! Bless me silence in mind, heart.
Let this muttering, chattering leave me alone.
My dear soulmate is mingled in soil,
Let her soul rest in peace.

© S.Liaqath Peeran