CAA, a realization of Upadhyay’s ideals

Need for a common national consciousness

India was partitioned on religious lines. In this context Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya advocated the idea of a common national consciousness. He opined that the deep divide in our society on religious lines led to lack of fostering of national character and identity. Thus, he strongly felt the need for bridging this divide and awakening of a strong national consciousness amongst the masses. This led to the birth of the assimilative idea of Integral Humanism which is also the philosophical fountainhead of our PM Narendra Modi’s Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas aur Sabka Vishwas.

While we have many dedicated and patriotic Indian Muslims serving our country well, as civil servants, defence personnel, businessmen, scientists etc. and even commoners, there is still a section within the Muslim community who seems not to have come out of the hangover of partition. It is evident from the fact that, whenever Pakistan wins a cricket match against India, a certain section in Muslim dominated areas in India celebrate in support of Pakistan. This shows a lack of national character. This is where Pandit Deen Dayal Ji’s idea of purifying (Parishkar) the character and moulding it into a national consciousness finds importance without shunning them (Tiraskrit) or appeasing them in (Puraskrit) like the socialistic parties do under the garb of pseudo-secularism.

CAA and rallies in its support or in opposition have seen the Indian flag fly high

Though the CAA deals only with non-Indian citizens and discusses about reducing the time fruition of citizenship application for persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, there is a targeted and persistent propaganda about the CAA bill causing misinformed apprehension mostly within the minority Muslim community. Certain interviews by media houses as well as social media enthusiasts revealed that those in the protests have been misinformed and misguided that their citizenship will be stripped as the word Muslims is not included in the CAA. Though time and again the government, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have been clarifying that no Indian irrespective of their religion will be affected by this, the misinformed protests are still continuing.

Meanwhile, certain independent investigative journalists have exposed payments made by PFI to some important individuals who take anti-government stance, supposedly to strengthen the protests. Also, some other photo and video evidences have shown how food packets and other necessities are supplied on a day to day basis at the noted Shaheenbagh in Delhi which has led to a intentional lock down in the area including blocking a major road for over 6 weeks, causing inconvenience to many. All these show that the protests are being organized and micro managed to suit someone’s agenda.

Ironically, what is appreciable is, despite the entire ruckus the anti-CAA protestors have been creating, a large number of Muslim citizens of India who are part of the protests are seen waving India’s National Flag, gathering and singing our National anthem and are celebrating the spirit of India.

What was also special about the protests, that individuals like Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi who were reluctant to sing national anthem or associate with national symbols earlier have started to overtly and proactively associate with national symbols and take the lead in singing the national anthem.

Indian Muslim’s who even in the pre-independence era had fought against the British in the Khilafat movement (Khilafat movement was no way concerned with the interest of India. It was a movement to protest the removal of the Khalifa in Turkey. The seat of Khalifa at the Ottoman Turkey was not just a religious but also a political position. Indians were a part of British India and in no way concerned with the Khalifa. Yet, many Indian Muslims then proactively protested for the reinstatement of the Khalifa as the identity was more about religion and less about nation), they were seen taking the identity of being an Indian more than being a Muslim.

This is certainly a moment of awakening of National Consciousness, ‘Parishkar’ (generation of national character and identity in the Muslims). And herein lays the success of PM Shri Narendra Modi for protecting the interest of persecuted non-Muslim minorities of three neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on one hand and awakening the national character of Muslims in India on the other. This purification of consciousness and channelising it into a national identity through CAA is in a true sense a fitting tribute to Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Ji’ and his vision of Integral Humanism.


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