BJP needs to take some people along to cross the ‘forest’ and protect itself from the fierce ‘bandits’

Once two jewellers were carrying a precious gem each and they had to cross a forest to reach their destination. They knew that the forest was infested with bandits and that they had to hide the gems so well that the bandits would never be able to find it. They decided to swallow their gem and set out on their journey. On the way they had to stop at an inn. But neither of them ate much. A robber was observing them and realized that the reason they did not eat was probably because they did not want to stuff their stomach with food. He understood that they were carrying some precious cargo. When the jewellers continued on their journey, this robber joined them. The jewellers did not like him but agreed to take him along, because they realized that the robber knew the shortest way out of the forest and he could protect them from the fierce bandits; when they would reach their destination, they could easily give the robber the slip, they thought. In the meantime, they were good to him and gave him food and water and spoke politely to him.

Deep in the jungle, they were caught by one of the fiercest bandits there was. He had a parrot who could sense if anyone was carrying any precious jewels on them. The parrot went crazy on seeing the jewellers and kept shrieking that they were carrying gems. Even though they were well frisked, no jewel was found on them, but the parrot insisted that they had the gems. Finally, the bandit leader decided to tear open their stomachs. The robber who was watching knew that he too would be killed even if one gem was found. The jewellers had been more respectful to him than anyone else so far. He stepped forward and told the bandit leader, “We are not carrying any precious cargo. If you don’t believe me, kill me first. If you don’t find anything in my body, let my friends go free.” As expected, nothing was found in the body of the robber and the jewellers were let free and they reached their destination safe and sound. They said a silent prayer for the soul of the robber.

CIRCA 2018: Two jewellers by the name of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have to cross the forest of ignorance, corruption and negative growth to reach their destination of making Bharat great. They carry with them two gems – our ‘heritage and culture’ and ‘patriotism’. Sometimes people who are originally anti-BJP join them for their own reasons, thinking they will outsmart them. BJP, under the leadership of Modi and Amit Shah, take them along, because they know that they can use their skills to cross the forest. They give these people the respect they never got in their earlier political party. It is not too difficult to think of the entire opposition today as bandits – they have looted Bharat for years and years without any morals, with Congress as their ring-leader. The opposition has absolutely no mercy for the BJP cadres and does not hesitate to rip them apart quite literally, as is seen in Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka and more. For them, the jewels of patriotism, culture and heritage have only value till it is saleable. They do not care about protecting this wealth. Now tell me whether it was wrong for the jewellers to take the robber along with them?

On April 17, 1999, BSP leader Mayawati stood up in Parliament and announced that she would vote against the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government. The result was that BJP then lost the vote of confidence by just 1 vote! If by the move of BJP to include Naresh Agarwal in the party, Mayawati is kept out of the Rajya Sabha by just 2 votes, it would be just desserts.

Irrespective of the outcome of the RS polls, one should understand that it is time for the BJP Government to stop being high on moralistic grounds and face the problems realistically. When Ravan used his mayaavi Shakti in his fight against Sri Rama, the Lord too had to accept external help to win the war. When it comes to protecting Dharma, when it comes to protecting the nation, we cannot repeat the history of Prithviraj Chauhan and Ratan Singh. Prithviraj Chauhan had spared Mohammed Ghori who came back, ruthlessly killed Prithviraj Chauhan and looted Bharat. Do we want a repeat of that? It is even sensible to think that the Congress, which looted Bharat and almost ran it into the ground, will spare any BJP leader or our beloved nation? Be sensible, dear Bharatiyas and understand that this high moral ground that we want the BJP to stick to, will not help in fighting those who are mired in corruption and immoral practises.

It is not as if the non-RSS people who joined BJP have harmed the country so far after joining BJP – Rita Bahuguna, Narayan Rane are some of the names that come to mind. Why should we not think that they will also try to work for the nation after joining BJP? BJP under Narendra Modi and Amit Shah only have the nation’s good at heart and deed … we have to trust that they will never become immoral or allow their party people (new and old) to become corrupt or harm the nation.


No one said that politics is a clean game. Even Chanakya paid his obeisance to Shukracharya, the guru of the asuras before Brihaspati, the guru of the Gods. Those who praise Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ need to also read Chanakya Niti before passing a judgement on the actions of BJP leaders. Teaching the Government the art of good governance via Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp is plain unnecessary. The elections of 2019 are very important for Bharat. Indians should give up their tunnel vision and look ahead with foresight. The horizon showing Bharat’s glorious years ahead is within reach … do not derail the process with a myopic vision. Stay united for a better Bharat.




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