Ayodhya Verdict: Kerala CPM MLA comes up with blatant provocation through social media

While the whole Bharat welcomes the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict, the country is being lauded for practising utmost restraint on a sensitive issue that could have taken to a major calamity otherwise. Except for Owaisi and his sort, there is not even an iota of win or lose feeling.

The country complied with the call of RSS, its Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohanji Bhagavath, PM Modiji, HM Amit Shahji, and almost all chief ministers and several sensible personalities to maintain calm.

Nevertheless, proving the very nature of its arrogance once again, Kerala CPM has come up with a remark that has evoked rage among nationalists. M Swaraj a CPM MLA and former president of DYFI, in a single line post on social media created blatant provocation where he asks the ‘innocent civilians in India if they had thought of a verdict otherwise in ‘today’s India’.



Despite the guidelines from the national leaders and government warning that undue provocation would invite arrest sans bail, the English translation of Swaraj’s Malayalam Face Book post reads that “dear innocent civilians, did you expect a different verdict under contemporary Indian conditions?” While it is clear that the post suggests that BJP and RSS influenced the Supreme Court judges and its verdicts, comments against his irresponsible statement has invited stringent criticism from people across the world.

While those who know about M Swaraj’s reckless utterings and the level of arrogance exhibited by CPM leaders are not surprised, the majority of people demand legal action against the MLA.