Amit Shah Blames Nehru for the lives of 40,000 Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir

Amit Shah Blames Nehru for the lives of 40,000 Kashmiri Pandits Massacred in Kashmir

Lashing at former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, said that it was a historic blunder to approach the UN on Kashmir issue. The Home Minister said that Nehru went to the UN with charter 35 which was a conflict between two nations. Instead, he should have approached the UN with charter 51 that would have put the case as a foreign nation trying to occupy Indian territory.

While speaking at an event by Indraprasth Vishwa Samvad Kendra, he said, “First of all, going to UN for Kashmir was a blunder. And secondly, the selection of the charter was wrong. Instead of choosing charter 35, the government should have opted for charter 51.” He further added that the Charter 35 made it a conflict between two nations, while charter 51 would have helped us put the case of a foreign nation occupying our land.

“At least 41,800 people have been killed by terrorism in Kashmir to date. I ask those people who raise questions of human rights… will you raise voice for the children and family of these 40,000 plus people who were killed?” Amit Shah asked. The Union Minister also slammed the human rights organizations for their double standards and unrealistic accusations.

The minister said that there was no blockade in Kashmir. “We ensured that panchayat polls happen in Jammu and Kashmir after which 40,000 village heads are working for development. In the coming days tehsil and zila panchayat elections will be held. A three-tier panchayat system will be fully functional in the state,” said Shah adding that the government is awaiting a major boost in the development of the state.