Amazing facts about Mahakaleshwar temple


  • One of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India, the lingam at the Mahakala is believed to be swayambhu (born of itself)
  • The holy sanctuary is found along the banks of the Rudra Sagar Lake in Ujjain
  • Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped as Mahakaaleshwar form which is a fierce form of Shiva
  • The mahakaleshwar form is mentioned in ShivPuran when Ujjain was called Avanti
  • The shivling in the sanctum sanctorum is known to be Dakshinamurti ( facing South)
  • Bhasma aarti is the most important rituals Mahakaleswa is famous for which is performed at 4.00 am
  • There is mention of the ash collected from funeral pyre for the bhasma aarti in the ancient texts but in the present day, the bhasma  is made of cow dung
  • The temple is said to be a five-storey building that has the presence of the Gods such as Ganesh, Parvathi, Karttikeya, Nandi and Nagchandreshwar.
  • The Nagchreshwar temple  is opened only on the Nag Panchami day

The best time to visit the Mahakaleshwar Temple is during the festival of Mahashivratri



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