A RENTED HOUSE: Poem by Parvathy Ramachandran

Painting: Eghosa-Raymond Akenbor Courtesy: www.eghoartculture.com/

Got it after, a space for myself-
A rented house.
With a must balcony,
-a corridor and a terrace.
The inside a studio apartment,
That keeps my tasks all in ease.

The long windows-
One had a dark curtain,
Not letting the sun to enter at any cost.
And the other one with a light tone,
Letting in all light and shadows too.
The blinds reminded me,
How easy it is, to open and close.

To open and close each chapter of life.
So cool, tears do roll and cleanse!
Cool like a mist, that wets and soothes.
Cool like a drizzle, that leaves the minds’ fresh.
We open and end each chapter in ease.

Life, let it move on!
It should, for we are destined-
to move along, with destiny.
Time rests on past, present and future…
Better tomorrows are ours too!
To live and let live.

Parvathy Ramachandran