A message to Mewani and his ilk… from a Brahmin

Reportedly, Pune, Mumbai and some other areas of Maharashtra witnessed riots, where Dalits were protesting the ill-treatment meted out to them by the upper caste Hindus. ‘Reportedly’ is the term I use because this is the way the destruction of property was reported. And then I heard Jignesh Mewani saying on TV channels that he is going to approach PM Narendra Modi with two books – a Manusmriti and the Constitution of India to observe as to which one the PM will accept. Frankly as a Brahmin, I do wish that Mewani takes the trouble of reading both, in depth. I definitely wish to reveal my caste here prominently, not because I will be accorded special status because of that, but because I am sure this will attract more people to read this post, just to put me down.

The mere reference of the word Brahmin will attract enough attention to put me down, because Brahmins are the reason why India today has so many problems. This is what we are repeatedly told by the media houses and every politician who wants to gather votes. Now, what I’d like to know from these researchers the following:

  • What is stopping the people of Bharat from learning Sanskrit – reportedly the Dev Bhasha, the language which reportedly only Brahmins were allowed to learn, online or in schools and colleges? Today, there is no restriction on caste when it comes to learning any language, so why are they not learning Sanskrit?
  • What is stopping the present generation from learning all our ancient scriptures online or by reading them? Ok maybe, not all, but at least one scripture properly. Forget learning, how about just reading the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, just as one would read a story? Not the evil translated version by the likes of Wendy Doniger or her devotee Devadutt Pattanaik, but those translated by devotees, of our Gods, of all castes or languages.
  • How many people from castes other than Brahmins want to learn various shlokas and do pujas every day / week / year? Many Ashrams these days teach people irrespective of their caste. Is it not a fact that still people do not want to make the effort to go and learn? Why? Can the Brahmins still be blamed for this?
  • What is the real reason why more and more people of the non-backward castes like the Jats, Patels, etc. want to be treated as lower caste people? Is it not a fact that because of some would-be politicians who only aim to divide people and gain votes, these Jats, Patels, etc. suddenly feel that they are an oppressed class?
  • The Sindhis, the Sikhs and Hindu Punjabis from Pakistan came to Bharat as refugees, with nothing but their courage and hope. They never felt the need to beg or ask for reservations. But today they are among the richest people in our country. Is it because they did whatever work they got, sacrificed and saved to make their children educated, and then instilled in them the pride of taking up any job available instead of waiting for doles from the Government?
  • Why is the real reason for school dropouts? Are students still a victim of casteism or is it that they do not want to put in the extra effort to succeed (especially in cities)? Or is it that the teachers are not good enough?
  • Brahmins who are blamed for all ills are today doing jobs like lifting loads, cleaning toilets, driving autorickshaws, etc. silently without making a fuss. What is the justification for other castes for saying that these jobs are below their dignity? Is it not an excuse to remain unemployed and then blame the government?
  • Those quoting percentage of Brahmins in top posts in various sectors, I would like to know whether these people have been appointed because they had merit or because they were Brahmins? Despite reservations to the tune of almost 50% (even more in some cases), are there no people from the lower castes? Or is it that once they reach the top, they do not want to disclose their caste or even help others from their caste?

It is 2018, not 1820… there is no excuse today for anyone to cry ‘discrimination’. People all over the world are coming out of their comfort/discomfort zone and making that extra effort to rise in their life. Bharatiyas should not stay behind. They should put in that extra effort to break the chains that are holding them back, with their own efforts. No government can give anybody a free meal forever. They can only provide them with avenues. Admittedly there may be hurdles, but crossing those hurdles is what will make the youth get the sense of achievement. What is needed today is to instil in the youth, the sense of pride in achieving something with their own efforts, not through doles. Solutions to the Problems in every society can only come from within. We have had enough achievers in every caste, every tribe, every religion of our country. Look up to them, take pride in your birth and work towards success. Do not be swayed by promises of ‘Reservations’ and ‘Revolt’. There is no easy way to success, there is no free lunch.


  1. It is not because of the Brahmins the problems are in our country after Independence. First there has been few wrong decisions in drafting Constitution and allowing some wrong concessions to people. One official language for the Nation should have been adopted. Three language-learning in Schools. NO ‘dalit – scheduled caste – tribes etc ‘ BUT “Financial-help to the needy”. No Minority and Majority groups of people’s privileges but “all people are equal”; get to the Top on competitive merit base. If I am not happy in my political party – tomorrow I will announce my own new party”; it is but nonsense. Parties based on “common good to common people: ………

  2. Truth is always known but does not make noise or news. This country is under going cyclic changes for last 500 years. There are many who tried social reform. But it is the hypocrisy and arrogance of Nehru that changed the narrative of this country. Later Indira Gandhi who used vote bank politics that changed whole nation narrative and forced country to stop thinking of development, hard work and innovation. Reserve category people totally stopped thinking but craved for higher posts and promotions without actually working. Our Govt offices also failed due to these idiots.


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