A Doctor in Distress

Painting Courtesy: 'GREAT SPRING' by David Fernandez

They say
“Doctors are of two kinds”
“One for kaam and other for naam”
Oh! I fall into the latter then.

A doctor for a namesake,
A doctor devoid of patients,
A doctor devoid of students to test my patience.
In fact, a doctor in distress!

Papa says “Job matters but not Ph.D”
His relatives say “Only MBBS doctors are of worth”
The tag of my branded university degrees fail
When well off cousins with paid degrees scale.

Gone were the days of Adhoc jobs
Coming are the days of Online jobs
Grabbing a permanent job in a temporary world
is such a quirky ludicrous myth.

They say “It’s time to choose a new role”
“It’s time to find what is right”
Well! I don’t have a new rule,
My heartfelt right is only to write.

I gleam at my sheer uncertainty,
I glimmer at my general absurdity.
In fact, a doctor in distress,
Unable to unearth my own stress.

The viewless wings of my creativity flutter,
My umpteen empty thoughts mutter.
Like corona and quarantine bypass,
This too shall pass!

Dr. Aparna Ajith is a bilingual writer who loves to dwell in the world of words. She has completed her PhD in English from Central University of Rajasthan. Her area of specialization is Comparative Literature and Translation Studies. Her interest lies in Creative writing, Gender, Diaspora, Film and Culture studies. She holds a Master degree in English Literature (UGC- NET qualified) from University of Hyderabad (2012) and Post Graduate Diploma degree in Communication and Journalism from Trivandrum Press Club (2014), Kerala. She has presented papers in national and international conferences. She has published articles in journals and edited anthologies of national and international repute. She serves as the honorary representative of Kerala state in the advisory council of Indian Youth Parliament, Jaipur Chapter since 2015.Being a freelance journalist, she has translated and written articles for the Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Kerala.