8 tourists from Kerala found dead in Nepal hotel room

Eight tourists from Kerala are found dead in a hotel in Nepal. They were airlifted after being found unconscious in a hotel room in Daman, Nepal, however, declared dead in a Kathmandu hospital on Tuesday. They are believed to have died because of asphyxiation due to a gas heater.

The group of 15 people from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala had travelled to Nepal on holiday. They were travelling from Pokhara to take a flight back to India and had made a pitstop at a hotel in Daman in Nepal’s Makwanpur district, where they had turned on the gas heater for the night, to keep themselves warm. The area is at an altitude of nearly 2500 metres above sea level.

The manager of the resort told media that the guests had booked four rooms but eight of them stayed in a room, while the remaining others in another room.

The deceased have been identified as Praveen Krishnan Nair (39), Saranya (34), Renjith Kumar TB (39), Indu Renjith (34), Sreebhadra (9), Abhinav Soorya (9), Abhi Nair (7) and Vaishnav Renjith (2), according to a press release issued by the District Police Office, Makwanpur. Among the dead are two men, two women, two girls and two boys.


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